Stop Wasting Time Scrolling Through Social Media and Find a Hobby You Truly Enjoy

Real talk.

No one wants to see your selfie at Target. No one cares.

Your kids might be cute, but your 500+ Facebook friends really do not want to see another photo today of your child running around the house in just his diaper.

Sharing a Boomerang of you drinking a beer with someone? Cool story bro.

Who am I to judge? Why should you care what I think? You shouldn't. But you do care what other people think, and that's why you spend a significant amount of time posting mindless garbage on social media -- you want the likes. You crave the attention and the dopamine hit you receive every time someone hearts your Instagram photo.

It's time to find a hobby, a passion, or a side hustle. (The three are not mutually exclusive.) It's time to find something that makes you interesting.

This blog aims to offer you different ideas on how to expand your knowledge base and stop being so damn boring.

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