Morse Code

You Never Know When You'll Be Randomly Stuck in the Wilderness

I feel like Morse code is reserved for crappy Netflix films where the protagonist's car breaks down on the side of the road and like a moron she goes into the woods instead of staying on the road and has to survive the elements but is rescued because she learned Morse code once in Girl Scouts.

I'm not a survivalist. In fact, I really don't like camping all that much. I like hot showers and indoor plumbing. But, the thought of knowing Morse code just because seems kind of cool and would make for good cocktail conversation. As if I don't have enough hobbies, I have decided to learn Morse code. Also, I really want this bracelet and knowing Morse code would make it that much cooler.

Here's my plan:

  • Watch YouTube videos. If I ever want to learn something, I always start with YouTube. This video seems helpful, and includes a PDF in the description with the Morse code alphabet.

  • Make flashcards with the letters. I'm trying to go paperless in my life and business, so I might do this using an app such as Anki and study with my iPad.

  • Use this Google site/app to learn in a gamified method.

  • Annoy my spouse and dogs by beeping at them repeatedly.

  • Try to start a trending hashtag on Twitter convincing everyone to learn Morse code so people actually understand my beeping.

Morse code uses dots and dashes for each letter. A dot is one beep; a dash is three beeps. The space between each letter is three dots; the space between words is seven dots; and the space between part of the same letter is one dot. That seems super confusing, so I definitely recommend checking out the links above to help you learn. If you learn Morse code after reading this post, shoot me a message and let me know.

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