Print on Demand

You Don't Need Artistic Ability to Earn Extra Money Each Month*

*Although it certainly helps.

What is Print on Demand? Abbreviated as POD, print on demand is a way to sell your artwork through various websites. If you have no artistic talent, you can put words and phrases on items instead using text programs such as Over. You can also teach yourself to manipulate vector graphics using a free program like GIMP.

Important tips:

  • Do not infringe on copyrights or trademarks. Basically, if you didn't come up with the idea, don't use it. You can't put a picture of Taylor Swift's face on a shirt and expect not to lose your POD account (or even be sued). You can check U.S. trademarks at TESS.

  • Do not pay for any type of POD guru course. Everything you need can be found free on YouTube.

  • If you use a vector image, make sure you are subscribing to the website you downloaded it from so you have a commercial license. I like Vecteezy.

  • The more you upload, the more you will sell. Don't expect overnight success -- sometimes it takes a while to get going. Year-old designs might start to sell out of nowhere.

  • Look at other designs on POD websites to get an idea of what sells, where to place graphics/words on a shirt, and what colors are most popular.

  • You can incorporate POD into an Etsy store using sites like Printify.

  • Some people make a living off of POD, but it takes a lot of work. For me, it's enough to make my car payment each month, but it took a long time to get to that point.

  • Don't trust people who claim they made thousands overnight as a beginner -- they are likely infringing on intellectual property.

  • Don't spend any money on POD until you get a feel for the industry.

  • The ideal size for a t-shirt design on most websites is 4500 x 5400 pixels.

  • Don't limit yourself to t-shirts, although shirts tend to sell the best. RedBubble is excellent for stickers.

  • If you are in the U.S., you do have to pay taxes on your earnings. Consult a CPA for more information.

  • Read the rules for each POD site. Some sites are strict on cuss words and other questionable content.

Popular Print on Demand Sites: