Nature, Exercise and Treasure Hunting

What is Geocaching? Geocaching is an inexpensive way to get outside and search for "treasure." Using an app on your phone, such as the official Geocaching App, you navigate to set coordinates using your smartphone's GPS to find a designated point. Often you'll find a weatherproof box containing a list you can sign when you locate the box. Some boxes will have small trinkets and a take one/leave one policy. Geocaches are often placed in the woods or hidden among trees, but can also be found in more urban areas.

What should I know before I try to find a Geocache?

  • Check the weather. You do not want to be out in a thunderstorm.

  • If you plan on being in the woods, wear boots and long pants. Check for ticks when you return home.

  • Make sure you aren't trespassing on private land.

  • Check the comments on the Geocache app to make sure the cache is still there. You don't want to spend hours looking for a cache that no longer exists.

  • Do not move a cache from its location.

  • Do not take something from a cache without putting something else in.

  • Do not place caches in forbidden places, such as some state parks or in residential areas (don't put one in your backyard).

  • Don't go alone. You don't want to end up stranded and have some mediocre Netflix drama series made about your disappearance.

  • If you see others looking for the same cache, give them space.

  • Don't litter or mess with wild animals.