Why Not Challenge Yourself With a Foreign Language?

Anyone who tells you Polish is easy to learn is a damn liar. Mind you, it's not as difficult as Mandarin Chinese, but it's not a walk in the park like Spanish. Polish has seven different cases for nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. The alphabet is slightly different than the English alphabet we know, but is not difficult to learn.

Why learn Polish? My motivation for learning Polish stems from growing up with a Polish grandmother. I wish I would have taken advantage of learning from her while she was still alive. I personally love learning languages, so it only made sense for me to learn at least some Polish to connect with my heritage. Your motivation might be similar, or could be that you just want a challenge or hope to travel to Poland.

How can you learn Polish? I recommend starting with Duolingo to get a feel for the language. Unfortunately, the Duolingo course is not nearly as comprehensive as the Spanish or French courses, but it's sufficient enough. I'm also using Polish for Dummies, which is surprisingly thorough. However, you will need to speak in order to really learn Polish. iTalki has many different tutors you can meet with virtually to practice speaking. Additionally, I really enjoy the It's Ewlina YouTube channel. Her channel is aimed at beginners and covers a plethora of topics.

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